Welcome to Healing the Modern Spirit, the site for my shamanic healing practice serving Boulder at Enriching Elements (2712 28th St, Boulder, CO), in Bluff Plaza between Dot’s Diner and Batteries Plus, right next to Next to New Wireless. Here I hope you can find answers to a few of your questions and decide if shamanic healing might be what you need.  My mission is about reuniting people with Spirit, using ancient ideas and methods in the context of modern society.

Shamanic healing is about treating illness, whether physical or mental, from a spiritual standpoint. I have learned to see things like depression and addiction not as incurable diseases, but as symptoms of spiritual wounds.

When the spirit is broken we feel disconnected, weakened, overwhelmed and lost. When the spirit is wounded by trauma one might feel dead inside, or that a piece of you is missing. When we have empty places inside us it leaves a place for chronic illnesses to take hold, and all too often we try to fill these places with things that feel good or ease the pain. These behaviors become addictions.

But this condition is reversible. There are ways to mend the soul, returning vigor and integrating mind, body, and spirit. When we are whole inside we no longer need to turn to destructive behaviors, and the need driving addictions is no longer there.

The tools are all around us. Shamanic healing uses ancient methods in ways still relevant to the modern spirit. Yours can be healed. Let me show you how.

Call 303-330-0694 or use the contact form to set up an appointment today.

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